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Supercharge Your Copywriting & Attract More Quality Leads & Clients So You Can Maximize Your ROI Like Clockwork… Even if You’re a Total Beginner in Copywriting!

In this hyper-actionable training, there will be a click-by-click walkthrough to show you exactly how to get great ideas and craft authentic and compelling marketing messages like clockwork.

What You’ll Learn:

How to Craft Your Very Own Irresistible Offer

You’ll learn how to craft an offer so good (and different) that your target customers simply cannot refuse. No more wasting your ad dollars on boring “me too” or “we’re the best” offers that most people would ignore!

Craft Your Unique Big Marketing Idea

You’ll learn the 7 powerful elements to craft your intriguing “Big Marketing Idea” and use it to produce magnetic marketing messages (incl. an analysis of a wildly successful big marketing idea selling something common and unsexy)

Craft Intriguing Headlines to Grab Attention Instantly

You’ll learn the proven structures and elements you can use to craft intriguing headlines, so you can stand out in the overcrowded online marketplace and win your target audience’s undivided attention instantly every time!

Craft Compelling Bullet Points at Record Speed

You’ll learn the fastest and most effective way to write compelling and interesting bullet points that’ll get your prospects excited, position you as the industry expert, and can’t wait to take up your offers right away

Craft Authentic & Highly Persuasive FacebookTM Ads

You’ll learn the simple and powerful ways of writing attention-grabbing, persuasive, and compliant FacebookTM ads to get a steady flow of hot leads and sales for your offers, so you can maximize your ROI always

Craft Systematic & High-Converting Sales Pages

You’ll learn how to craft a high-converting sales page by using the proven persuasion structure and key elements to systematically influence and convert total strangers into buyers… predictably and consistently!


Special Bonuses

And to make your life even easier and save you even more time…

You’ll also be getting an exclusive bonus, and that’s our 1,000+ “fill in the blanks” winning copywriting templates ($499 value) for your headlines, email subject lines, follow-up emails, FacebookTM ads, and sales pages so you can simply fill in the blanks and pump out high-converting copy on demand.

“Learned a lot of new stuff. Clear actionable steps to improve my copy on the platforms I’m running. The best thing is that I can implement the stuff that I have learnt right away, on my website, sales letter, ads and most importantly the sales techniques. Will definitely recommend it to anyone!”

~ Desmond Teng

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We’re confident that this Power Copy Mastery training PLUS our 1,000+ winning copywriting templates that we’ve curated over the past 8 years will help you win more leads and sales. Implement what we teach and use our templates for a full 365 days, and if you don’t get more leads and sales than you do now, we’ll give you a full refund. And if you need any further copywriting help at all, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at +65 9070 9072 or email at hello@ultravalueconsulting.com anytime!

what You’re getting

  • => Power Copy Mastery Training
  • => Special Bonus #1: 662 “Fill in the Blanks” Winning Headlines
  • => Special Bonus #2: 478 “Fill in the Blanks” Winning Email Subject Lines
  • => Special Bonus #3: 17 “Fill in the Blanks” Winning FacebookTM Ad Templates
  • => Special Bonus #4: “Fill in the Blanks” Long-Form Sales Page Template with Full Example
  • => Special Bonus #5: 7 “Fill in the Blanks” Seinfeld Email Follow-Up to Add Value & Increase Sales
  • => Special Bonus #6: 39 “Fill in the Blanks” Sales-Pulling eCommerce Email Templates

“I’ve bought a number of courses/programs and learned from a number of gurus before… but I’m still getting a lot of value from Sam, especially in persuasive copywriting. He helps me to get more clarity on how I can apply what I’ve learned to my business.”

~ Dr. Susan Hue

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